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Coses a saber

It’s not an easy task to make an average cat behavior profile. They’re not easy to understand when they have some kind of disorder in their behavior, maybe we will come up just with the opposite idea. It’s easy to get to know a cat that has no problems. These ones seem to follow the same habits: they play, sleep, eat, they look for a friendly lap, they hunt (anything...)

Issues come when something goes wrong and our knowledge gets reduced to almost zero. We do not know how to act nor how to deal with that situation. We do not know what’s going on with them and above all, we do not know why is all that happening. Most of the times what happens to our cats is our fault. The main problem of our cats is our lack of information in cat behavior: our fears, some things we believe in, our principles, what we believe about them, what somebody told us, something we read in internet, our anguish when we have to face those situations... There are many reasons that could confuse us and take us to make the wrong decision like the isolation of the cat, to get rid of it or even to abandon it.

Almost all problems that cats suffer have a solution. What we need is to get to know them better as feline animals and put into practice norms of behavior that they, as cats, can understand naturally. Often human solutions aren’t very advisable. Maybe they get us through but it will be very likely to have secondary effects. And we don’t want to see those effects.

Sometimes when we try to help them we in fact confuse them. Often our solutions are simply temporary and they will never take us to and end. We will have better times than others but will never feel 100% happy. So on goes time and even years leaving the impression that cats are weird creatures, or mysterious or impossible to understand. But the real question is: do I treat my cat properly? It doesn’t mean that we maltreat them but maybe what they get is not what they need or what is good for them.

Cats are simply unknown animals. Their independent and self-sufficient nature can make them animals that need nothing and nobody when things go wrong. They seem to block themselves apart and also looks like there’s nothing to do, but it’s a false appearance. Cats react differently or try to find a place to hide when we can’t offer them those norms of behavior that will take them to their inner peace, which is so important for them. Essential

Since 2004 I visit cats regularly and I’ve seen many different kind of problems. Fights, cats getting friends with cats, people and cats getting friends, not using the litter tray (when no garden around) and bored cats are the most common problems. Everything’s got a reason why and a possible solution. Cats don’t change their behavior just for the sake of it. We are missing some details somewhere at some point to know what’s wrong with our cat.

The best cat ethology is the one that looks problems from a cat point of view, the one that bothers what cats need instead of bothering what inconveniences the cat brings to our life. The cat will always be the reference. This is one of their secrets. They give us the line to follow and we just follow. But it doesn’t mean they can do anything they want. It only means that we can not violate their norms of behavior, whichever they are. All cats have similar norms but non exactly the same. Depending in the character of the cat and what happened in its life, the steps to follow will be slightly different.

Do not believe everything you read, mainly in internet. You could end up really upset. Adopt a natural attitude and be calm to face all problems. Stress, anguish and a bad life quality won’t be helpful at all. Cats are very smart so treat them like that. They are not animals without common sense, provably is a lot better than ours. Interact with your cat daily and do not miss your relationship. Use love and kindness to win your cat’s affection instead of using some delicious snack. Provably snacks won’t be there tomorrow but you are always there. Trust yourself before to rely your success on some food.

If you can’t see any solutions get in touch with a cat behavior professional, because not all animal behavior experts know enough about cats.

En què consisteix la meva feina

Després de conèixer el cas, el primer pas és una visita a domicili. Un cop al lloc en qüestió, observo els gats atentament mentre escolto tot el que la seva família tingui a dir o preguntar.

A partir d’aquí comencen els exercicis que s’han de fer, a diari a ser possible, per tal de canviar la situació i intentar que les coses millorin.

El gat és un animal que no vol ni presses ni impaciència. Els procediments acostumen a ser lents al principi, però passen a ser molt més ràpids a mida que avancen els dies.

El número de sessions depèn del problema que hi ha i de la dedicació de la gent de casa. Moltes vegades és una sola visita.

En l’educació d’un gat no es tracta de que el gat faci les coses que volem, si no que nosaltres li oferim les que ell necessita.

Sense l’esforç de la família del gat, és complicat aconseguir el que ens proposem.

El preu de la visita depèn del lloc on viu el gat.

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